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Welcome to TitanCon 2015

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination. Our primary subject is HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones.


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News and announcements

TitanCon 2015 Tee-Shirts - pre-orders now open!

After her stunning debut at the TitanCon 2014 Art Show there was one clear choice for who we should ask to design the TitanCon 2015 Tee-Shirt. The result is awesome beyond words. We are so pleased to present the final design created by the supremely talented artist Heidi Lee Sperring and announce that Tee-Shirt Pre-orders are now open!

TitanCon 2015 Tee-Shirt

TitanCon 2015 Tee-Shirt designed by Heidi Lee Sperring. Click the image to view an enlarged version (please note the enlarged version is watermarked for copyright protection, Heidi retains all image rights and it may not be reproduced without her express permission).

About the artist

Heidi Lee Sperring

Heidi Lee Sperring graduated from Bath Spa University in 2002 with a BA (hons) in Education specialising in art and history. She has worked as a studio photographer and currently works in the Bath branch of the Action on Hearing Loss charity, in their Education Workshop as a craft coordinator. Heidi also has an important co-ordination role in the production of 'The Bath Burp' fanzine that promotes artists, creative writers and musicians in her beautiful home city of Bath. Find Heidi on Twitter @Errol_the_Owl.

Direwolf by Heidi Lee Sperring

Heidi displayed her artwork at the TitanCon 2014 art show and wasn't so sure about how it would be received. We sold just about every print she brought with her on the Friday Grand Opening. Just look at this stunningly beautiful Direwolf piece drawn in pen and ink. Someone out there really needs to offer Heidi a big commission for a major piece of artwork so everyone can see the great talent she has. Heidi's work will be appearing in this year's Art Show where you can purchase large and small prints of her stunning and intricate artwork, and of course you should pre-order this great Tee-Shirt.

TitanCon 2015 Tee-Shirts cost £15 each and are only available by pre-order. Please see our Tee-Shirts page for more details and to pre-order your Tee-Shirt!

TitanCon 2015 Coach Tour

Portstewart Strand

Portstewart Strand

For the first time we will have Coach Tour tickets on sale alongside TitanCon memberships from Day One (28 March 2015). In the past we have waited till June or July after watching each season of Game of Thrones to plan the tour and start selling tickets. But this year we don't need to wait, there really is one obvious choice of where to go and that's Portstewart Strand where they have filmed five scenes on the beach for the Dornish parts of Season Five. We last visited the north coast in 2012 and we'll be returning to two old favourites in Ballintoy Harbour (Pyke in season two and Saltpans in season four) and Larrybane Quarry (Renly's Camp in season two). Of course we end the day with a traditional Hog Roast Feast in Clandeboye's beautiful Banqueting Hall.

See the full Coach Tour itinerary and all the details about the locations we'll be visiting this year.

Dead Dog Party: Mon 28 Sept 2015 ~ Wellington Park Hotel Bar

TitanCon will not be completely over until after the convention tradition of the Dead Dog Party (because that's what you feel like on the last day of a SF/F convention). Our Dead Dog will get started about midday on Monday 28 September in the Wellington Park Hotel bar and will continue on through till the evening. There isn't really an official start time for the Dead Dog, nor is there an official finish time (that'll be whatever time the staff chuck us out at). It's really just a case of drop by the bar during the day if you're still around and you should see some familiar faces about the place to have a drink with and talk about how good a time you've had at TitanCon.

See you there Dead Dogs!

TitanCon is supported by Brotherhood Without Banners and The Other Ones

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