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Welcome to TitanCon 2014!

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination. Our primary subject is HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones.


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News and announcements

Tee-Shirt Pre-Orders now open!

Entry 1 for the TitanCon 2014 Tee-Shirt Design Competition

The winning design for the TitanCon 2014 Tee-Shirt submitted by Oscar Ventura and Maria Fernanda Ventura from Mexico.

This year we decided to offer the opportunity to design the TitanCon 2014 Tee-Shirt to anyone with a good idea and the artistic skill to create it. We received two fantastic entries (one of those with a colour variation) with striking imagery and clever ideas. In fact we had such a hard time picking a winner we had to make it a public vote to determine which design would end up on the Tee-Shirt.

The results are in and while we found it hard to choose it appears you guys didn't:

A landslide victory for Entry 1 submitted by Oscar Ventura and Maria Fernanda Ventura from Mexico. Congraulations to our winners! They have indicated that they would like to make the trip over to Northern Ireland if they can get everything sorted out in time, we hope they will be able to join us in person to collect their prizes.

Please see our Tee-Shirts page for more information and to pre-order your TitanCon 2014 Tee-Shirt.

TitanCon 2014 Coach Tour

Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon have a picnic beside the King's Road. ©HBO 2011

This year's Coach Tour visits an old favourite at Castle Ward with the chance to visit Winterfell Courtyard and several locations that we did not get to back in 2011. We'll be making a return visit to the windmill for a group Hodoring session and then our final stop is very special because no other coach tour has visited this location before! A small wood on the grounds of Clandeboye Estate that has several filming locations within a stone's throw of each other including Craster's Keep and the tree stump where Jaime's hand was cut off. Of course we end the day with a traditional Hog Roast Feast in Clandeboye's beautiful Banqueting Hall.

Tickets for this year's Coach Tour cost £38 (+ £2 Paypal transaction fee) and are on sale NOW! Please note that there is an additional charge of £7 to take part in Winterfell Archery provided by Clearsky Adventure.

If you already have a TitanCon 2014 membership (attendance on Saturday) then please use this link to buy Coach Tour only. Coach Tour tickets are not available separately and require TitanCon 2014 membership in order to purchase.

If you need to buy a TitanCon 2014 membership AND a Coach Tour ticket please use this link to buy both together.

Please see our Coach Tour page for more information and full details of the tour itinerary.

Dead Dog Party: Mon 15 Sept 2014

We would just like to point out that TitanCon will not be completely over until after the convention tradition of the Dead Dog Party (because that's what you feel like on the last day of a convention). Our Dead Dog will take place from about midday on Monday 15 September in the main bar and lounge area of the Wellington Park Hotel. Feel free to drop by the bar during the afternoon and evening if you're still around and you should see some familiar faces about the place to have a drink with and talk about how good a time you've had at TitanCon.

See you there Dead Dogs!

TitanCon is supported by Brotherhood Without Banners and The Other Ones

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