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Welcome to TitanCon 2016

TitanCon 2014

TitanCon 2014. Photo taken by Jim Corr.

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination. Our primary subject is HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones.

That's right folks, we are back again for TitanCon 2016!

News and announcements

Announcing the TitanCon 2016 Coach Tour

Dark Hedges

Deciding on a route for this year's tour was quite tricky. Ideally we would like to see as many locations from the most recent season as possible, but many of the locations from season six are on private estates that are not interested in allowing coach tours onto their land. That is their right of course but it leaves us with fewer options for new places to visit. However, we will be visiting several locations at Clandeboye Estate that you won't see on any other Game of Thrones Coach Tour.

Therefore we are going to visit a couple of locations that we've missed out in previous years just because we did not have quite enough time to stop before. First up is the beautiful and iconic Dark Hedges, a location used in season two for the King's Road where Arya and Gendry left King's Landing with Yoren. Next up is Cushendun Caves where Davos rowed Melisandre into the cave to give brith to the Shadowbaby assassin that killed Renly.

The Hound meets the BWB

The Hound meets the BWB hanging criminals. Game of Thrones season six. © HBO 2016.

We'll be making a quick stop to a season six location at Carnlough, where Arya dragged herself out of the Braavos canal after The Waif stabbed her.

Our main stop of the day will be at Clandeboye Estate where we'll revisit Jaime's Stump and the Godswood north of the Wall. This time we will find our way over to Craster's Keep (we failed to find it in 2014) and finally another season six location at Helen's Tower, where Sandor Clegane met the Brotherhood Without Banners as they were just about to hang the men that the Hound was after. We end the day with a traditional Hog Roast Feast in Clandeboye's beautiful Banquet Hall.

Coach Tour tickets cost £43 and are on sale NOW. To see the full itinerary and read full details about the TitanCon 2016 Coach Tour please see our Coach Tour page.

Lovely Beard Contest

The mainstay of our evening entertainment at TitanCon over the last five years has been our Masquerade contest. We have had some amazing entrants over the years, some beautiful costumes and memorable performances. Who can forget Hodor and Bran from our first year, or the Greyjoy saltwater blessing ceremony in 2012, or Daenerys and Melisandre winning the epic three-way tied vote in 2013.

For those that love to dress up please see our new Costume Contest that will run throughout the day. But in many ways we feel like the Masquerade has pretty much run it's course at this point, so instead we are going to do something a little different this year...

Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane and his mighty fine beard.
© HBO 2013.

We are pleased to announce that our evening entertainment this year will kick off with the inaugural TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest.

It's like Crufts - only for beards! We're interested in all breeds of beard, from fierce ginger purebreds, to scruffy mutts that make up in personality what they lack in pedigree.

Can your beard do tricks? There'll be a prize for that! And others for grooming, for most imaginative "costume", and of course, the classic, Best in Show.

Feel free to tell us what makes your beard so special - the judges are suckers for an uplifting tale or a sob-story. Or, just let the hair do the talking. Quality will out!

One note of warning, however: performance enhancing drugs are strictly forbidden and your beard may be tested at random.

This contest is not just for the naturally hirsute. Anyone and everyone can enter by constructing their own artificial beard. We will also be running a Beard Construction Workshop during the day with all materials provided if you want to make yourself a beard at TitanCon.

Costume Contest

The mainstay of our evening entertainment at TitanCon over the last five years has been our Masquerade contest. But this year we have decided to do something a little different and therefore we proudly present the inaugural TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest. It's like Crufts - only for beards!

Masquerade 2011

TitanCon 2011 masquerade entrants. Photo taken by Hear Me Roar.

But we still want to provide an opportunity for people to show off their love of costume making and we would like to encourage more people to dress up for TitanCon, so we've decided to start a Costume Contest that will run throughout the day at TitanCon on Saturday 1 October.

Here's how it works. When everyone arrives at TitanCon and picks up their membership badges they will also be given three Costume Contest tokens that they can give to their favourite costumed attendees. They could give one to each of their three favourites or all three in one go if they really love it. Costume Contest entrants will need to return their collected tokens to our reception desk by 5.30 pm at the latest. The entrant with the most tokens will be declared the winner during the Closing Ceremony at 6.30 pm. We have a fabulous prize on offer for the best costume.

So it's time to start getting your costumes ready, good luck to all entrants!

TitanCon 2015 named as "Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention - UK" by Acqusition International in Business Excellence Awards 2016

Business Excellence Awards

We are pleased to announce that TitanCon 2015 has been named as the "Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention - UK" by Acqusition International Magazine in their annual Business Excellence Awards for 2016. Announcement | Press Release

In the interest of full disclosure I would like to point out that these awards are nominated for by readers of Acquisition International and they do accept self-nomination. I sincerely promise that I did not nominate TitanCon for this award, I had never even heard of AI before they got in touch with me. I don't know which one of you lovely people nominated TitanCon for a Business Excellence Award but it came as a wonderful surprise and was greatly appreciated. I guess it means we are doing something right if even one person out there felt like we deserved this achievement.

Thank you so much!

Announcing TitanCon 2016

You may have read the statement I posted on this website dated 19 February 2016 and wondered if there was going to be a TitanCon in 2016. Believe me, I wondered too. That is why I am so pleased to announce that the show will go on! We've had some good news, our financial situation is secure and TitanCon 2016 will return on the weekend of Friday 30 September - Sunday 2 October 2016 to the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast.

TitanCon 2015

I know that's a different date than the one I mentioned previously and during the closing ceremony at TitanCon last year, but unfortunately the early August date is not going to work for us this year. While we had the conference booking pencilled in we could not hold a block of hotel bedrooms without a confirmed booking and now it is too late in the year to get enough rooms for the early August date. I also felt that with the late start this year a couple of extra months' notice and planning time would be useful for everyone.

I hope the new date works for you and apologies to anyone that had already booked time off for the early August date just in case, I'm sorry about that. We will look into the possibility of running the early August date in 2017.

Joe Abercrombie wearing a shirt made of George RR Martin's face - oh the horror!

Joe Abercrombie wearing a shirt made of George RR Martin's face - oh the horror!
Photo taken at TitanCon 2015 by Adam Whitehead (The Wertzone).

But let's talk about this year. TitanCon 2016 will be our biggest and best convention yet, with more guests, more Game of Thrones, more books, more workshops, more events and more awesome times than you can shake a spear at!

We will be making some exciting announcements about the guests, programming and events for TitanCon 2016 over the next few weeks. My aim is to get the details of our confirmed guests ready to announce before the tickets go on sale on Saturday 9 April. We will also have many more announcements over the coming months leading up to TitanCon 2016 so please check back regularly or follow us on Twitter for the latest announcements.

To begin with we will only have tickets available for the main convention on Saturday 1 October. Tickets for the Coach Tour on Sunday 2 October will go on sale at a later date. This is because we don't actually know where the tour is going to visit this year. Ideally we would like to visit some season six locations so we really need to see some episodes and get a good idea of which locations have been used and plan the route accordingly. The ticket price will depend on how long the route is, how much we need to pay for access to the locations and other associated costs. We expect to announce full details of the 2016 Coach Tour and open ticket sales before the end of June this year.

We hope to see you all at TitanCon 2016!

Phil Lowles
23 March 2016

TitanCon 2019 planning session - Thurs 29 Sept 2016

We've got some big plans for 2019 and so we would like to announce our intention to hold a planning session to take place on the Thursday before TitanCon 2016. If you have an interest in taking part in the running of our huge 2019 convention then please, if you can, arrange to join us in Belfast for Thursday afternoon, from 2.00 pm, to find out more about what we'd like to do and how you can be a part of it.

We will be announcing more details about what we are planning for 2019 and about this planning session over the coming months. If you would like to be involved then please contact us to talk about it in more depth.

Dead Dog Party: Mon 3 Oct 2015 ~ Wellington Park Hotel Bar

TitanCon will not be completely over until after the convention tradition of the Dead Dog Party (because that's what you feel like on the last day of a SF/F convention). Our Dead Dog will get started about mid morning on Monday 3 October in the Wellington Park Hotel bar and will continue on through till the evening. There isn't really an official start time for the Dead Dog, nor is there an official finish time (that'll be whatever time the staff chuck us out at). It's really just a case of drop by the bar during the day if you're still around and you should see some familiar faces about the place to have a drink with and talk about how good a time you've had at TitanCon.

See you there Dead Dogs!

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