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Welcome to TitanCon 2014!

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination. Our primary subject is HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones.


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* Ian Beattie will be joining us for the morning only till 1.30 pm

Programming Schedule

We are pleased to announce the Programming Schedule for TitanCon 2014.

News and announcements

Tickets on the door - £15

Online ticket sales are now closed but tickets are still available on the door of our venue, the Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast, for £15. Please take the stairs to the first floor where you will find our registration desk. Doors are open from 9.00 am and throughout the day.

We have tickets available at registration for our Dothraki Jewellery Workshop with Emma Andrews from the Game of Thrones Drapes and Embroidery Dept. We have limited spaces available in our 11.30 am and 3.00 pm workshops. These will be sold on a first come first served basis. Tickets cost £5 each.

We hope to see you on Saturday at TitanCon 2014.

GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT: Ian Beattie ~ Ser Meryn Trant

Ser Meryn Trant

Ian Beattie as Ser Meryn Trant in Game of Thrones. © HBO

We are pleased to announce that we have added another guest to our line up!

We have actually been in contact with Ian since the first TitanCon back in 2011 and have been trying to get him along each of the last three years, but unfortunately for us he has always been away in Dubrovnik filming for Game of Thrones. But finally Ian is back home in Belfast and able to join us (well, for half a day at least) at TitanCon 2014.

Ian Beattie is a Northern Irish actor best known for playing the role of Antigonus in Oliver Stone's movie Alexander (2004) alongside Rory McCann who would go on to become a fellow member of the Kingsguard in Game of Thrones. Albeit for only a short time, the Hound didn't stick the job for long after all. Unlike Meryn Trant who has been a member of the Kingsguard throughout the series from the start. In season one we saw Meryn Trant kill Syrio Forel (or did we?) then in season two Trant was the Kingsguard bully that punched Sansa on King Joffrey's behalf. We most recently saw him giving evidence at Tyrion's trial in season four.

Please note that Ian is only able to join us in the morning up till 1.00 pm. He has an afternoon flight to London that he has to catch which means he will unfortunately miss our afternoon programme including the signing session. However, Ian has kindly offered to stay an extra half hour till 1.30 pm to hold a special signing session for TitanCon attendees, straight after The Great TitanCon Quiz finishes.

Please see this item in our programming pages for more details about Ian's signing session. Also you can read Ian's full guest bio on our guests page.

The Great TitanCon Quiz Survey

As I'm sure you probably know, the format of Family Fortunes (US: Family Feud) is "we surveyed a hundred people and here's the most popular answers." Well, we need 100 people to answer the questions in the survey below and tell us the first answer that comes into your head. Your contributions will be essential to making The Great TitanCon Quiz an awesome success.

You don't have to be coming to TitanCon 2014 to fill in the survey, anyone can send in answers. Please see our Great TitanCon Quiz Survey page for the questions. Thank you.

Game of Thrones Guest announcements and Programming Schedule announced

I'm sure many will look at our Game of Thrones guestlist and feel like there are not many names on it and that there's a lot of guests missing that you would have liked to have seen at TitanCon. I feel the same way too. I can only sincerely apologise and try to explain what has happened. These are not excuses, just statements of facts.

Last year's guestlist was so strong thanks to the fact that many of our guests were here in Belfast to shoot those scenes with Bran and Co. paying an unexpected visit to Craster's Keep. They were right here, available and happy to come along to TitanCon on their day off.

This year is a very different story. There is absolutely no filming taking place in Northern Ireland right now. Both film units are out of the country in Spain and Croatia. TitanCon was conceived and located in Belfast because this is the home of Game of Thrones and the theory was that this would make it possible to bring in guests who are right here for shooting without the need to fly them in from further afield. Sadly this situation is something we could not have predicted back in January when we picked this particular date for TitanCon 2014.

On top of that most of our regular guests were simply unavailable on this date due to work commitments otherwise they would have gladly returned again this year. I have received many emails from guests expressing their disappointment that they could not join us this time.

Believe me, I am also very disappointed that we could not bring more guests to TitanCon 2014 and some will say I am crazy for saying all these things in such a blunt and honest fashion here but I felt like this matter needed to be addressed. Over 150 people put their trust in me to deliver great guests and while the guests we do have are great and we are so grateful to them all for coming, I believe some people may feel let down that there are not more guests attending this year and for that I am sorry.

But what I say to these people is please do come to TitanCon. The most important part of TitanCon is the fans that attend and we're going to have a good time no matter what. Take a look at our programming schedule and you'll see a diverse line up of interesting discussion panels, thrilling entertainment and spectacle. It's going to be a good day and we look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

TitanCon 2014 Coach Tour - 12 tickets remaining

Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon have a picnic beside the King's Road. ©HBO 2011

This year's Coach Tour visits an old favourite at Castle Ward with the chance to visit Winterfell Courtyard and several locations that we did not get to back in 2011. We'll be making a return visit to the windmill for a group Hodoring session and then our final stop is very special because no other coach tour has visited this location before! A small wood on the grounds of Clandeboye Estate that has several filming locations within a stone's throw of each other including Craster's Keep and the tree stump where Jaime's hand was cut off. Of course we end the day with a traditional Hog Roast Feast in Clandeboye's beautiful Banqueting Hall.

Tickets for this year's Coach Tour cost £38 (+ £2 Paypal transaction fee) and are on sale NOW! Please note that there is an additional charge of £7 to take part in Winterfell Archery provided by Clearsky Adventure.

If you already have a TitanCon 2014 membership (attendance on Saturday) then please use this link to buy Coach Tour only. Coach Tour tickets are not available separately and require TitanCon 2014 membership in order to purchase.

If you need to buy a TitanCon 2014 membership AND a Coach Tour ticket please use this link to buy both together.

Please see our Coach Tour page for more information and full details of the tour itinerary.

Dead Dog Party: Mon 15 Sept 2014

We would just like to point out that TitanCon will not be completely over until after the convention tradition of the Dead Dog Party (because that's what you feel like on the last day of a convention). Our Dead Dog will take place from about midday on Monday 15 September in the main bar and lounge area of the Wellington Park Hotel. Feel free to drop by the bar during the afternoon and evening if you're still around and you should see some familiar faces about the place to have a drink with and talk about how good a time you've had at TitanCon.

See you there Dead Dogs!

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