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About EuroCon

What is EuroCon?

EuroCon is the short name for the European Science-Fiction Convention. Each year the convention moves to a new country, a new city, a new fandom to explore and learn more about. By moving around the continent this way it widens the diversity and openness of fandom for everyone that attends.

Bidding process

Conventions must bid for the right to host EuroCon two years ahead of their planned event. Therefore, we must bid to host EuroCon 2019 at EuroCon 2017 in Dortmund, Germany in June 2017. The voting process is not like WorldCon (where all attendees are eligible to vote), or EasterCon (where everyone at the meeting can raise their hand to vote). Instead each country's science-fiction society can send a delegation of two attendees to cast their vote at the Business Meeting. In practice this can mean that if a country has not organised a delegation then anyone with a valid passport could represent their country and vote on it's behalf.

UPDATE: We have now won our bid to host EuroCon 2019. Thank you to the delegates that voted for TitanCon Belfast at U-Con in Dortmund, June 2017.

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Who runs the business meeting?

The EuroCon Business Meeting is run by the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS). Just to be clear ESFS do not run the EuroCons, the winning bid committee run each event. ESFS administrates and organises the European SF Awards which are voted for during the Busines Meeting and awarded during the Closing Ceremony.

Upcoming EuroCons

Here are the details for the upcoming EuroCons.

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