TitanCon presents EuroCon 2019
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TitanCon 2019 Committee and Staff

TitanCon 2019 - the Eurocon will be chaired by Jo Playford. Jo is delighted to be working with her advisors, the committee, local professionals and writing groups, and the wider TitanCon, Eurocon, and NI communities to develop our theme and to showcase the rich talent and diverse communities that create such wonderful stories and breathe them to life in the mythic landscape of these islands.

If you would like to help out, please take a look at our volunteers page or contact us at volunteers@titancon.com.

Note: the TitanCon Committee, which manages the event on a day to day basis, comprises the Chair, Chair's Advisor, and Department Heads. The Committee reports to a Steering Group which looks after the long term future of the event and guides policy decisions as well as appointing the Chair for each year's convention.

Chair - Jo Playford

Jo went to the original Moot in Belfast, after wrapping up filming the GoT pilot that never was, in Belfast in 2009. Many TitanCons later in 2016, and after being part of developing our literature programme, Jo agreed to co-chair our bid for Eurocon 2019. Little did she know that she would also be stepping up to co-chair TitanCon 2017 just four weeks before the convention. She is so proud of the way the community came together to deliver TitanCon 2017, is eagerly anticipating TitanCon 2018, and is thrilled to be chairing the Eurocon 2019 committee.

Jo currently lives in London but is very familiar with Northern Ireland, having spent a lot of time in Downhill, Limavady, Belfast, and Northern Ireland in general. After attending university in Galway, she regularly commuted up from lovely Leitrim to take part in reenactments, festivals, and fetes across Northern Ireland, as well as working on film and TV productions with swords, large animals, and dangerous humans! Jo has also spent 13 years working in and around speculative fiction and the publishing industry.

Chair's Advisor and Finance Head - Colin Harris

Colin Harris has long been best known for co-chairing Interaction, the 2005 Glasgow Worldcon - and Eurocon - with Vincent Docherty. His conrunning experience now spans over 25 years, including Mexicon (a UK-based literary convention of the 1980s and 1990s), Eastercons, Smofcons and numerous Worldcons. He has worked in areas as diverse as Finance, Facilities, Programme, Press, IT, and Exhibits. More recently he has received two Hugo nominations (and a win!) as an editor of the fanzine Journey Planet. Although a recent addition to the TitanCon crew, he’s delighted to be helping Jo and the team to share the unique TitanCon experience with a wider community.

Committee and Staff

We are confident that Titancon 2018 - The Eurocon will continue to reflect the traditional spirit of TitanCon while also recognising that we need to further support our existing team to deliver a larger and longer event. As a result, the 2019 committee will feature many familiar faces from the current TitanCon crew, as well as individuals from the wider UK, Irish, European, and International conrunning communities.

As we scale up to the larger Eurocon, we are grateful to everyone working to make Titancon 2019 a roaring success. Although many folks are working hard in position already, we still have open spots at staff, area, and department head levels. Please email volunteers@titancon.com or Jo on chair@titancon.com to take that conversation further.