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TitanCon 2012 Committee

Phil Lowles ~ theMountainGoat ~ Co-chair


theMountainGoat [right] pictured with Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) at Belfast Moot 2 October 2010.

Sharing committee chair duties for the second consecutive year is Phil Lowles, better known online as theMountainGoat. Phil works for Macmillan Publishers as a Web Developer for Nature Magazine and related titles such as the British Journal of Cancer. His web skills were put to good use creating this website for TitanCon. If you need further proof of Phil's geek-cred he worked at the Games Workshop Design Studio in Nottingham as an Assistant Games Designer for 10 months back in 1995.

Phil has been lurking around the Westeros forum for almost ten years and started getting involved with BWB events after going to Worldcon 2008 in Denver. At Worldcon 2009 in Montreal he organised the first BWB AWESOME Book Raffle Prize Draw Thing which raised CA $204 for Children's literacy charity Teachers & Writers Collaborative (www.twc.org). In Melbourne Australia at Worldcon 2010 the raffle raised a staggering AUS $1144 thanks to the incredible generosity of authors who donated great prizes including rare and valuable books.

Animated Timeline Map

Animated Timeline Map for A Song of Ice and Fire by theMountainGoat.

Phil organised another of these book raffles at the first Belfast Moot in 2009 raising £175 ($288). Phil took on chief organising duties for Belfast Moot 2 in 2010, this time the raffle raised another £377 which was split between charities TWC and Action Cancer Belfast. Please see our About TitanCon page for more details on the Moots.

Phil runs a youth group in Basingstoke, England which involves organising, planning and budgeting events and trips. All useful transferable skills for being involved in the organisation of TitanCon.

Amongst Phil's many website projects is a Flash based Animated Timeline Map for A Song of Ice and Fire which attempts to show the where and when of characters and events during the series. This huge project is a long way from being finished but has great potential to be an invaluable resource for fans.

Silverjaime ~ Co-chair

Stepping up to take on Co-chair duties for TitanCon 2012 is Silverjaime. In 2011 Silverjaime was the committee secretary and worked extremely hard organising the Game of Thrones Coach Tour and medieval feast.


Silverjaime is a well known contributor to Game of Thrones fansite Winter is Coming and while she has only been actively involved with the BWB for a short time Silverjaime was instrumental in arranging the venue for Belfast Moot 2 in 2010 - putting up with all kinds of hassle from Phil in the process.

Silverjaime says she is a mother of three brilliant boys who's mad about ASOIAF, GoT and all things Whedon. Silverjaime has a wealth of experience in organising events and has participated in a large number of Joss Whedon/James Marsters conventions since 2002.

Silverjaime works as an Accounting Manager in a well known NI organisation and brings those outsanding administration and organisational skills to TitanCon.

Ian Lawther ~ Secretary

Ian Lawther

Ian photographed with Scott Bakula at Star Trek Con in Las Vegas 2010.

Ian has considerable experience with organising SF/F conventions and was involved with three MECONs and was the 2008 Chair. Ian runs the Belfast City Council's Learning and Development Centre were he has worked for 6 years. Ian has also spoken at several Disability events for both the Belfast City Council and Disability Action. In his spare time Ian runs The Other Ones, a Belfast science fiction and fantasy society.

Ian was co-chair of TitanCon 2011 and for 2012 has taken on the role of committee secretary. Ian has been instrumental in securing our venue at the Europa Hotel, Belfast.

The Other Ones logo

Logan Bruce ~ Speculator

Logan Bruce

Logan Bruce (although everyone calls him Bruce) is the chairman of Studio NI and a member of The Other Ones. Like Ian, Bruce was also involved with the running of MECON for several years.

Blood of Thrones

As Studio NI moderator, Bruce runs annual events such as the Belfast writing workshops for NiNoWriMo (Northern Ireland Novel Writing Month). During NiNoWriMo every year Bruce undertakes the challenge of writing his own novel. His recently published book Blood of Thrones is a historical fiction novel set in in and around the year 1066 and delivers thrills, excitement and adventure as ancient bloodlines battle for the thrones of Britannia. Blood of Thrones is available on Amazon and 20% of all sales are donated to Action Cancer Charity. Logan Bruce is a long time supporter of Action Cancer and has a donate page set up on Just Giving.

Although Bruce has taken on the role of Treasurer for TitanCon 2011 his work on the convention far exceeded that and he was also involved with guest booking, advertising, programming and organisation. At TitanCon 2012 Bruce will again be involved with putting together the workshop programming along with advertising and press duties.

Since 1999 Bruce has also produced Northern Ireland's premiere Speculative Fiction e-zine, ORBzine, with updates available on email, Livejournal, Twitter and Facebook. All important announcements about TitanCon will be included in the 'zine.