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TitanCon 2013

Photos available now!

Obviously the photographs you guys paid for were printed incorrectly and unforgiveably badly by our developer. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused there but it was too late in the day to get them reprinted on Saturday. The photos are now available for download.

TitanCon 2013 photograph gallery

At least one of our guests has offered to sign photos and send them back to fans so we will try to arrange that with the other guests if we possibly can. There will be some logistical issues to resolve to make it happen but we'll have more news for you as soon as we have contacted all our guests and made the necessary arrangements.

Another great success!

TitanCon 2013 has finished and the strong impression we get from our attendees, guests and everyone involved is that this was the biggest and best TitanCon yet which is awesome to hear.

Thank you's and Feedback

Please use the form on our feedback page to let us know what you thought of TitanCon 2013.

In the meantime please tweet and blog and tumblr and post photos from TitanCon. Please help spread the word about TitanCon because the main way that we grow is by word of mouth. Tell your friends how good of a time they missed, make them super jealous and hopefully they can also join us next year. Thank you.



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