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* Ian Beattie will be joining us for the morning only till 1.30 pm

Kerry Ingram ~ Shireen Baratheon

Kerry Ingram in Matilda the Musical

Kerry Ingram performing in Matilda the Musical.

We are delighted to announce that the hugely talented actress and singer Kerry Ingram will be a guest at TitanCon 2014.

Kerry is best known for her role in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of the Musical Matilda. She shared the role of Matilda Wormwood with two other girls - Adrianna Bertola and Josie Griffiths - during the show's run in Stratford-upon-Avon's Courtyard Theatre from November 2010 to January 2011. Then when the show transferred to the West End four girls were announced for the title role: Cleo Demetriou, Sophia Kiely, Eleanor Worthington Cox and Kerry Ingram. Together all four were awarded the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical in April 2012.

Kerry Ingram singing at the Doctor Who Proms

Kerry Ingram singing at the Doctor Who Prom in July 2013. © BBC

After Matilda, Kerry filmed a small part in Tom Hooper's Les Misérables in the song "Turning". Although, her part was cut from the final edit.

In July 2013 Kerry appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in the Doctor Who Prom as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, singing The Rings of Akhaten with tenor Allan Clayton and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. It was a beautiful and memorable performance and I felt like this version sung on stage was more powerful and emotional than the original version shown in the Doctor Who episode named The Rings of Akhaten, thanks in large part to Kerry's lovely voice.

Kerry collaborated with Spirit Young Performers Company in 2014 to produce an original song called 'Shine'.

Shireen Baratheon

Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon in Game of Thrones. © HBO

While researching Kerry for this bio I learned that she suffers from brittle bone disease. She requires periodic infusions to reinforce her bones having regularly fractured several during her childhood years. I wonder how much of this experience she draws upon to play the role of Shireen Baratheon in Game of Thrones?

Shireen suffers from a facial disfigurement called Greyscale, a hard stoney scale that marks half her face. Not nearly the same thing of course but her charming performance in the show from seasons three and four tells you that Shireen knows she is different from other children in some way but she won't let that change who she is or stop her from enjoying life to the full. Very much like Kerry herself.

We look forward to welcoming Kerry to TitanCon alongside her good friend Aimee Richardson.

Eugene Simon ~ Lancel Lannister

Lancel Lannister

Eugene Simon as Lancel Lannister in Game of Thrones. © HBO

For Game of Thrones fans Lancel Lannister will always be remembered as the butt of King Robert's jokes about breastplate stretchers and having a really stupid name. But actor and model Eugene Simon is much more than that.

Eugene was born a Londoner and while appearing quintessentially English, Eugene's family are predominantly Irish. His father having been raised in Limerick but educated in southern England. His mother's roots are Welsh and Irish but with a slight splash of Maltese, enough though that owing to her quick-tanning olive skin, her blond, blue-eyed baby Eugene was often mistaken for being in the arms of his nanny rather than his mother!

Eugene started work as a child actor when he was eight playing Archie in a workshop theatre production of James Joyce's Exiles. He slowly ascended the industry food-chain from commercials to TV appearances until his first film playing the younger self to Heath Ledger's Casanova. Having finished Primary school, he got his first lead role in the BBC's film adaptation of Gerald Durrell's My Family & Other Animals. Eugene describes this as one of the happiest moments in his life, the whole experience having a great influence on his desire to pursue acting as a life-long career.

Eugene Simon

In 2009 Eugene secured the role of Young Ben Hur, with actor Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries) playing his older self. Eugene had now turned seventeen and having gone through a notoriously bad age for actors, began training for the role; horse-riding and charioteering no less! The following year was the start of Eugene's real ascent into television, film and Hollywood. He secured a recurring lead in the Nickelodeon show, House of Anubis, playing the cunning Jerome Clarke. He simultaneously booked his other well-known role as Lancel Lannister in Game of Thrones, filming both shows back to back. He not only discovered that he had booked these two jobs on the same day, but that day also happened to be his birthday.

Before I Sleep is Eugene's first film shot in the US and for the first time in his career Eugene was offered this role without auditioning. Not yet released it follows the story of Eugene Devlin, an Anglo-American writer and poet who in his youth falls deeply in love with a girl named Phoebe. After unfortunate circumstances draw the two away from one another, the now elderly Eugene reflects on his life and indeed the great loss he felt at never seeing Phoebe again.

Eugene Simon

Eugene Simon at Belfast Moot 2 in 2010, alongside (from L-R) Gethin Anthony (Renly), Eugene, Josef Altin (Pyp), some crazy fan, Luke Barnes (Rast), Mark Addy (Robert) and Finn Jones (Loras). Photo taken by DrNickVC (although how he did that when he was in the picture himself I'm not sure...)

In 2014 Eugene will be returning to film with a lead role in Lord-of-the-Flies esque movie Eden in the role of US soccer player Kenny. This underdog character is Eugene's first role playing an American, alongside rising actors such as Diego Boneta, Jessica Lowndes, Ethan Peck and Nate Parker.

We haven't seen Lancel Lannister since the Battle of the Blackwater in season two of Game of Thrones and while the character appears again in several scenes in the book these have not appeared on screen as yet. I think the reason for that may be the changes to Jaime's storyline that we'll see in season five. But I hope the show will return to the matter of Cersei's affair with her cousin Lancel, a replacement for Jaime who was captured by the Stark's at that time, and allow Eugene a return to the show at some point in the future.

Eugene was one of our guests at Belfast Moot 2 in 2010 during the filming of season one of the show.

Ian Beattie ~ Ser Meryn Trant

Ser Meryn Trant

Ian Beattie as Ser Meryn Trant in Game of Thrones. © HBO

We have actually been in contact with Ian since the first TitanCon back in 2011 and have been trying to get him along each of the last three years, but unfortunately for us he has always been away in Dubrovnik filming for Game of Thrones. But finally Ian is back home in Belfast and able to join us (well, for half a day at least) at TitanCon 2014.

Ian Beattie is a Northern Irish actor best known for playing the role of Antigonus in Oliver Stone's movie Alexander (2004) alongside Rory McCann who would go on to become a fellow member of the Kingsguard in Game of Thrones. Albeit for only a short time, the Hound didn't stick the job for long after all. Unlike Meryn Trant who has been a member of the Kingsguard throughout the series from the start. In season one we saw Meryn Trant kill Syrio Forel (or did we?) then in season two Trant was the Kingsguard bully that punched Sansa on King Joffrey's behalf. We most recently saw him giving evidence at Tyrion's trial in season four.

Ian Beattie

But looking at Ian's photo to the left you might not recognise him from the character he plays on TV. Meryn Trant is not the smiling type. Sandor Clegane describes Trant as someone who just simply doesn't care about anyone or anything enough to hate them as an enemy. However, Ian is an incredibly happy and enthusiastic guy, seriously just look at that smile! My biggest hope for Meryn Trant in future seasons is that something good happens for him and he unleashes that dazzling smile on someone, probably killing them from the shock of it in the process.

Ian's other credits include Space Truckers (1996), The Tudors (2009), Mo (2010), Starred Up (2013), Line of Duty (2013) and BBC TV series 37 Days (2014).

Please note that Ian is only able to join us in the morning up till 1.00 pm. He has an afternoon flight to London that he has to catch which means he will unfortunately miss our afternoon programme including the signing session. However, Ian has kindly offered to stay an extra half hour till 1.30 pm to hold a special signing session for TitanCon attendees, straight after The Great TitanCon Quiz finishes.

The special signing session is going to be run in a slightly different way to normal. We would like to ask all attendees wishing to get an autograph from Ian to stay seated in the main hall (King's Landing) after the quiz, or come in and take a seat if they were not present for the quiz. We will call up groups of attendees in number order, membership numbers 1-40 will be first, then 41-80 and so on. We will try to get through everyone as quickly as possible but Ian will have to leave at 1.30 pm and some people who have bought their tickets later than others may unfortunately miss out. We are very sorry about that but given the time constraints we feel that this is the fairest way to run the signing in a correct manner. We hope you understand.

Due to time constraints we can only allow one autograph per person. Regretfully any photos taken with Ian during the morning photo session will not be printed and returned in time for this special signing session. Your photographs with Ian will be available for pick up at 4.00 pm alongside the other guests. We will instead have 8x10 prints available for purchase at £5.00 each. Please remember that all proceeds from the sale of 8x10 prints at the signing session will be donated to charity. Thank you.

Aimee Richardson ~ Myrcella Baratheon

Aimee Richardson

Aimee Richardson at TitanCon 2012. Photo taken by Starwhispers.

I'm sure many people are aware that sadly the role of Myrcella in season five of Game of Thrones has been recast. Aimee Richardson was invited to audition for the role as she has for every step of the process from the pilot to the first season, but in the end the producers decided for once to age a character down and have chosen a younger actress to be Myrcella from next season.

Aimee is understandably devestated by the decision, but she was also extremely upset at the thought that we would cancel our booking with her now that she is no longer going to be back in the show, taking her away from this convention and the wonderful fans she has come to love. But TitanCon has always had the feeling of being a family reunion and what kind of family would we be if we turned out backs on her now? Aimee was Myrcella in seasons one and two of the show and that's something that can never be taken away from her and that's why we are glad to welcome her back to TitanCon 2014.

Myrcella Baratheon

Aimee appearing alongside her character's mother Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) in Game of Thrones season one. © HBO 2011

Aimee describes filming Game of Thrones as "the best days of my life so far. I loved every single second, and I'm very thankful to have had the experience. It's been heart breaking to have to leave Myrcella behind, but the experience of playing her in seasons one and two will stay with me forever. I've made so many wonderful friends over the years through my connection with the show and I've been humbled by the amount of support I've received. I intend to carry on acting - so watch this space!"

Aimee will next be seen on our screens this autumn when she plays a cameo role as a teenage mum in the BBC drama, The Sparticle Mysteries. In August she was selected as one of twelve young actors to make up the cast of What are They Like at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

Emma Andrews ~ Drapes department

Emma Andrews

Emma Andrews works in the drapes department on HBO's Game of Thrones. She graduated from the University of Ulster at Belfast 'Art College' in 2009 with a degree in fine and applied art where she specialised in textile art.

Emma started by making large exhibition pieces, wallhangings etc, but somehow her work got smaller and smaller over the years. Emma now specialises in jewellery and accessories working mainly in silks. Some of the techniques Emma uses include patchwork, quilting, embroidery and beading but with her own contemporary twist.

Emma tells us that during the season two production she was mainly making tents and banners and more tents and yet more and more tents! During season one she did a lot of embroidery including the wee bits that Sansa and Arya are working on when we first meet them in the opening episode. Emma also stitched the stag and hand of the king emblems into the chair backs of the Small Council seats.

Sansa's needlework

Sansa showing the Septa her needlework skills in season one of Game of Thrones © HBO 2011. Embroidery by Emma Andrews.

I'm sure those of you who were following Winter-is-Coming back in the days of pre-production on season one will remember "Chair-Gate" which ensued after the hand of the king chair appeared briefly in one of the early trailers and some fans felt that the design was too modern looking.

I wonder what Emma makes of the fans being so obsessed about every little detail like this. I think the fact that the production team care so much about the details to hire talented artists like Emma to create beautiful sets and props, many of which we don't even see on screen, shows their dedication to the show's quality. The artisans that work on the show are just as important as the actors that appear front and centre which is why we are happy to announce that Emma will be our guest at TitanCon.

The most popular thing we had at last year's TitanCon was the Dothraki Jewellery Workshop that Emma ran for us. We had almost a hundred people sign up with just twenty places up for grabs. The lucky few that got into the two hour long workshops had a brilliant time and created some incredible pieces of Dothraki Jewellery. So of course we are bringing it back again this year! In fact we want to expand on it to offer a full programme of crafting workshops throughout the day at TitanCon 2014. We'll be adding more guests and details about the crafting workshop programme very soon.

We're offering the opportunity to sit down with Emma and create your very own piece of Dothraki jewellery. All the tools and materials will be provided for you including real horse hair from Emma's own horses. There will be an online sign-up process for the Dothraki Jewellery Workshops which opens at 12.00 noon (UK time) on Sunday 7 September 2014. Please see the Crafting Workshop tickets page for more details.

Elio M García Jr.

George RR Martin and Elio M García Jr.

Elio M García Jr. with George RR Martin

Elio M García Jr. is perhaps the ultimate example of what is possible to achieve as a superfan.

Elio and his partner Linda Antonsson are the owners and administrators of fan site Westeros.org, the largest and most well known A Song of Ice and Fire fan website on the Internet. Sky Atlantic viewers may recognise Elio and Linda as regular guests on ThroneCast the Game of Thrones fan show that airs straight after the premiere episode of Game of Thrones on Monday nights.

For almost a decade, Elio and Linda have been working with George RR Martin on a huge book about the history of Westeros entitled The World of Ice and Fire. This beautiful book contains incredible new art along with detailed, never before told stories from Westeros history. The world book would have been completed sooner but George wrote 300,000 words rather than the 50,000 this book could hold and so it had to be cut down to the most relevant parts. George hadn't even finished writing all of the history he has in his head so eventually there will be another book which he is currently referring to as "The GRRMarrilion".

The World of Ice and Fire

The World of Ice and Fire will be published on 28 October 2014.

In around 1996-1997, Elio was a member of Dragonstone, one of the first A Song of Ice and Fire fan sites. When that site closed he began his own site called Westeros in 1999 and that it is still going strong today with almost 100,000 registered accounts. Elio and Linda's close relationship with George RR Martin began when they sent him pictures of the heraldry they had created for the Houses of Westeros. George loved their work and sent them information about all the remaining Houses and their heraldry, many of which had not been mentioned in the books before. Since then George has regularly gotten in touch with Elio and Linda to check details from past books that he himself has forgotten, things like eye colour of minor characters, the gender of someone's horse, that sort of thing. George also recommended Elio and Linda to HBO as consultants on the TV show. It will be interesting to hear about their experiences of working with George and HBO over the last few years.

Unfortunately Linda can't join us at TitanCon, someone needs to stay home in Sweden and look after the horses and puppies after all. But we are pleased to announce that Elio will be at TitanCon 2014 and will be reading from The World of Ice and Fire at our Literature Night on Friday 12 September from 7.30 pm.

Game of Thrones Extras

A television show like Game of Thrones would be impossible to produce without the hard work of hundreds of dedicated extras. People prepared to grow beards and go months without cutting their hair just so they have the right look. People willing to get dressed up in any kind of clothing, be it heavy armour or something with little protection from the elements while they are outside for days at a time in the worst imaginable weather, repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again until the director decides he has enough footage.

In the Extras panel we will salute the hard work and sacrifice of the Game of Thrones extras as they relate their experience of working on the first and second seasons of the show and provide real insight into what it takes to be an extra. Back in July 2011 over two thousand people turned up for the ExtrasNI casting session and if any of those people would like some advice on how to become an extra themselves this panel may just have the answers.

The legal stuff

Please note that all guests appear subject to work commitments. Panels and events may be cancelled or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to arrange alternative events; however this may not always be possible. Refunds will not be available due to changes in the event line up or schedule. TitanCon accepts no liability for loses incurred through errors or omissions on the website or the TitanCon convention booklet. Please see our Code of Conduct for more information.