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Gaming programme

We've got a great line up of games for TitanCon members to enjoy. Just wander into the gaming room (Syndicate 1 and 2) at any time and get stuck in. We also have an open gaming session in the evening for anyone that wants to bring board or card games to play with other attendees.

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Warhammer Fantasy Battle


Run by: North Down Wargaming Centre

North Down Wargaming Centre will be running several participation games of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. You can take control of an entire army and fight a full battle or just come in for a short while and take charge of just one unit each. Experienced staff will be on hand to teach the rules and guide the games.

So if you've got 10 or 15 minutes to spare in your schedule feel free to drop by and join in a battle.

Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame

Game length: 1 hour
No. of players: 2-6
Run by: David Brashaw & Leonard Boyd ~ Backspindle Games

Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame: 2nd edition

Game designers Leonard Boyd and David Brashaw will be hosting demonstration and participation games of the 2012 reprint of Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame throughout the day at TitanCon 2014.

The 8 Great Spells are missing and the fate of the Discworld hangs in the balance.

Players take on the role of members of the City Watch and are each assigned a number of the Spells to return. Captain Vimes of the Watch has granted them the power to recruit and deputise the townsfolk of Ankh-Morpork to help protect and safely return the Spells.

Armed with a collection of Curses and Cures, Weapons, Magical items, the ability to secretly plant Saboteurs and, if they're lucky, the power to summon a Dragon, the heroes set forth to regain the Spells and save the city.

In a game where the underhanded and the down-right sneaky are often rewarded, players quickly learn that... "It's not just winning that's important - making everyone else lose is just as much fun, especially now that The Luggage can chase the Dragons!!!"

Clacks! A Discworld Boardgame

Game length: 1 hour
No. of players: 2-4
Run by: David Brashaw & Leonard Boyd ~ Backspindle Games


Game designers Leonard Boyd and David Brashaw from Backspindle Games follow up on the success of Guards! Guards! A Discworld Boardgame with a second Discworld boardgame. Totally different to Gaurds! Gaurds! this one is called Clacks! A Discworld Boardgame.

Planned for release in 2014, Clacks! A Discworld Boardgame is based on an idea from Terry Pratchett's novel Going Postal. The clacks is a mechanical system of shutter semaphore towers (which occupies roughly the same cultural space as telegraphy in nineteenth century Europe) and has become the Discworld's first telecommunication network. Each Clacks tower is described as having eight large square shutters flipping between black and white, viewed by telescope from the next station 20 miles away which relays the message on to the next tower.

In Clacks! A Discworld Boardgame each player needs to cover or uncover shutters in order to spell out the letters of a specific word they need to send. The winner is the player who successfully sends the most words over the course of the game.

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice


Game length: 15 mins
No. of players: 2 or 4 player tag team
Run by: David Brashaw & Leonard Boyd ~ Backspindle Games

Luchador! - Mexican Wrestling Dice is a fast playing dice game based on the exciting world of Professional Mexican Wrestling or "Lucha Libre" (meaning Free Fighting). It can be played by two players or by four players playing as two-man Tag-Teams.

Players roll dice to try to reduce their opponent's strength points to zero to win by a Knock-Out (KO) or to try and hold their opponent down on the mat for a count of three to win by a Pin.

The Fast-Rolling, Hard-Hitting, Body-Slamming, Neck-Crunching, Chair-Smashing, Table-Slapping dice game is based on a game idea by Mark Rivera that has been developed by the guys at Backspindle and being supported by Wee Gamers. As you can see from this video, it's great fun!!!


Run by: David Brashaw & Leonard Boyd ~ Backspindle Games


Deep within the rain forests of the Yucatan rival teams of treasure hunters have recently discovered the lost city of Codinca. In the centre of the once great citadel stands a stone temple. Local legends tell of the great treasures that lie buried beneath the temple but, despite many months of searching no doorway or entrance has been found.

On the top of the temple stands a square stone altar. A small clay totem stands in the centre of this surrounded by a pattern of 16 carved stone tiles. Examining them closely you discover that an intricate series of mechanisms allow the tiles to switch places and turn over revealing a stone side and a gold side to each. A set of simple icons carved on each side of the pillar seem to indicate that a sequence of 4 different patterns must be formed to open the temple.

Can you crack the code and be the first to unlock the secrets of Codinca?

Two Rooms and a Boom!

Two Rooms and a Boom!

Time: 8.00 pm
Room: Riverrun (Syndicate 3)
Game length: 10-20 minutes based on player count, including rules explanation
No. of players: from 6 to 30
Run by: Targh - an enthusiastic volunteer!

This is a free-form Werewolf style deduction game that runs very quickly, can accommodate a large number of players and can be a lot of fun.

Two Rooms and a Boom! cards

At the start of the game everyone is given a card that states if they are on the Blue Team or the Red Team and whether they have a specific role on that team. The Blue Team has a President and the Red Team has a Bomber. All players are split randomly into two separate rooms and over the course of several rounds of play each group must choose to exchange hostages. The Red Team wins if the President and the Bomber are in the same room at the end of the game, if they end up in separate rooms then the Blue Team wins.

There are additional roles and special cards that extend the gameplay and make it even more fun and crazy, but I will let Targh explain those on the day. Targh is an experienced Game Demonstrator who has a large collection of games and regularly attends large gaming conventions and events such as Essen in Germany.

Check out the website if you want to know more about Two Rooms and a Boom!

Open Gaming Evening

Time: 7.00 pm
Room: Gaming Room (Syndicate 1 and 2)

The Gaming Room is available all evening from 7.00 pm for anyone that wants to bring their own board or card games to TitanCon and just play.