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Welcome to TitanCon 2016

TitanCon 2014

TitanCon 2014. Photo taken by Jim Corr.

TitanCon - A not-for-profit science fiction and fantasy literature, media and gaming convention for Belfast focused on showcasing literary and artistic accomplishments in Northern Ireland within the field of speculative fiction and works of the imagination. Our primary subject is HBO and George RR Martin's Game of Thrones.

Venue - Wellington Park Hotel

The Wellie has been a great venue for us the last few years so it was an easy decision to return and hold TitanCon 2016 at the Wellington Park Hotel.

The opportunity to stay in the same hotel where the convention you are attending takes place can massively improve your experience at the con. The practicality of being able to return to your room quickly and easily at any time is a huge difference maker and with enough people staying here the entire hotel can become infused with the atmosphere of TitanCon making the whole experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.

The Wellie have kindly given us the same room rates that they were charging last year. Please see our hotels page for more information.


Game of Thrones logo

Because of the constantly changing nature of the production schedule for Game of Thrones we will only be able to announce our full line up of Game of Thrones guests a week or two before the convention. Rest assured that we are working hard to make announcements as soon as we possibly can and we are confident we'll have a great line up on the day. We are committed to not naming guests until we are completely sure that they will be in Belfast on that weekend and available to attend. We would hate to announce someone only for them to drop out when the schedule changes.

This is the downside of holding a convention like ours in the middle of the ongoing filming schedule however it does mean we can bring you a good number of guests for a much lower cost than it would be if we had to fly everyone in from all over the world during their down time. It worked out well for us at TitanCon 2011 when we were able to announce Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya) as guests just two weeks before the convention. In 2013 we had Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark), Art Parkinson (Rickon Stark), Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Jojen Reed) all confirm in the last week as being able to join us which led to an incredible panel on the Fall of House Stark. Last year Ian Beattie (Meryn Trant) confirmed just 3 days before the convention that he was able to attend. You never know who might show up on the day!

Opening times

9.00 am - Doors open
9.45 am - Opening ceremony
10.00 am - Morning programming begins including photo sessions with GoT guests
12.50 pm - Please join us in the main hall for our group photo
1.00 pm - Lunch break is from 1-2 pm
2.00 pm - Afternoon programming begins including round table sessions with GoT guests
4.00 pm - Signing session with GoT guests is from 4-6 pm
5.00 pm - Signing session and booksale with author guests is from 5-6 pm
6.00 pm - Closing ceremony including raffle prize draw is from 6-7 pm
8.30 pm - Evening entertainment: Lovely Beard Contest, disco and karaoke runs through till 1.00 am


We are hard at work putting together an exciting and interesting programme of discussion panels, creative workshops and events. Please take a look at our programmes from previous years to give you an idea of what to expect at TitanCon 2016.

We will be offering the opportunity to get your photograph taken with our Game of Thrones guests and of course there will also be a signing session. Photographs cost £10 each. Autograph prices start at £15 each and may vary depending on the guest. Full details of the autograph rates will be published with every guest announcement we make over the coming months.

Art Show

Art Show 2013

TitanCon 2013 Art Show. Photo taken by Jane Stewart.

The Art Show has been a huge success over the last two years with every artist selling several pieces of art, for some TitanCon is their most successful show ever! Last year's Art Show included a preview on the Friday evening during our Literature Night event and we will be following the same format in 2016. The Art Show preview provides a great opportunity to reach a wide audience since this is a FREE entrance event open to the public.

We want to build on the success of last year's Art Show with an open invitation for any artist working in speculative fiction and works of the imagination to display and sell artwork at TitanCon 2016. We would especially love to hear from local artists living in Northern Ireland.

Please see our Art Show page for more details.


TitanCon offers a great opportunity for local dealers to sell their products to our audience of dedicated science-fiction and fantasy fans. From books and comics to jewellery and toys, our dealers bring a great ambiance to the convention. We are offering tables in our dealers room at the same rates as last year.

Please see our Dealers page for more details.

Lovely Beard Contest

The mainstay of our evening entertainment at TitanCon over the last five years has been our Masquerade contest. We have had some amazing entrants over the years, some beautiful costumes and memorable performances. Who can forget Hodor and Bran from our first year, or the Greyjoy saltwater blessing ceremony in 2012, or Daenerys and Melisandre winning the epic three-way tied vote in 2013.

For those that love to dress up please see our new Costume Contest that will run throughout the day. But in many ways we feel like the Masquerade has pretty much run it's course at this point, so instead we are going to do something a little different this year...

Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund Giantsbane and his mighty fine beard.
© HBO 2013.

We are pleased to announce that our evening entertainment this year will kick off with the inaugural TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest.

It's like Crufts - only for beards! We're interested in all breeds of beard, from fierce ginger purebreds, to scruffy mutts that make up in personality what they lack in pedigree.

Can your beard do tricks? There'll be a prize for that! And others for grooming, for most imaginative "costume", and of course, the classic, Best in Show.

Feel free to tell us what makes your beard so special - the judges are suckers for an uplifting tale or a sob-story. Or, just let the hair do the talking. Quality will out!

One note of warning, however: performance enhancing drugs are strictly forbidden and your beard may be tested at random.

This contest is not just for the naturally hirsute. Anyone and everyone can enter by constructing their own artificial beard. We will also be running a Beard Construction Workshop during the day with all materials provided if you want to make yourself a beard at TitanCon.

Costume Contest

The mainstay of our evening entertainment at TitanCon over the last five years has been our Masquerade contest. But this year we have decided to do something a little different and therefore we proudly present the inaugural TitanCon Lovely Beard Contest. It's like Crufts - only for beards!

Masquerade 2011

TitanCon 2011 masquerade entrants. Photo taken by Hear Me Roar.

But we still want to provide an opportunity for people to show off their love of costume making and we would like to encourage more people to dress up for TitanCon, so we've decided to start a Costume Contest that will run throughout the day at TitanCon on Saturday 1 October.

Here's how it works. When everyone arrives at TitanCon and picks up their membership badges they will also be given three Costume Contest tokens that they can give to their favourite costumed attendees. They could give one to each of their three favourites or all three in one go if they really love it. Costume Contest entrants will need to return their collected tokens to our reception desk by 5.30 pm at the latest. The entrant with the most tokens will be declared the winner during the Closing Ceremony at 6.30 pm. We have a fabulous prize on offer for the best costume.

So it's time to start getting your costumes ready, good luck to all entrants!


TitanCon is a fan convention by the fans for the fans. Everyone that helps run this convention, including the organising committee, are volunteers who give up their own time to do the essential work to run things smoothly on the day. TitanCon cannot exist without the help and support of a dedicated group of volunteers and therefore we urgently need your help at TitanCon 2016.

Last year I feel like we really got things right with the way we organised our volunteers. For the first time we had job descriptions for every volunteer position, we organised our volunteers into separate teams with a Team Leader responsible for managing each team rather than having a single volunteer co-ordinator trying to organise all of the volunteers across the entire convention, and most importantly we had a brilliant response from you guys with more volunteers than ever before. We want to build on the success of last year and continue to run TitanCon in the same smooth, relaxed and organised way in 2016.

But we can only do this with the help of wonderful people that are willing to give up an hour or two of their day to help run TitanCon. In years past we have been in the situation where we simply did not have enough volunteers to cover the entire convention and as a result some of our volunteers did not get to see the panels and events they wished to see, and some barely got a break at all. That's something we really don't want to have happen again. Therefore we are asking people that are interested and those that have been to two or three TitanCons that haven't helped out before to give a little back please. If you are willing to give up an hour or two of your day to help us run the convention that would be fantastic.

Please read our volunteers page for more details.

Dead Dog Party: Mon 3 Oct 2016 ~ Wellington Park Hotel Bar

TitanCon will not be completely over until after the convention tradition of the Dead Dog Party (because that's what you feel like on the last day of a SF/F convention). Our Dead Dog will get started around mid morning on Monday 3 October in the Wellington Park Hotel bar and will continue on through till the evening. There isn't really an official start time for the Dead Dog, nor is there an official finish time (that'll be whatever time the staff chuck us out at). It's really just a case of drop by the bar during the day if you're still around and you should see some familiar faces about the place to have a drink with and talk about how good a time you've had at TitanCon.

See you there Dead Dogs!