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Welcome to TitanCon 2018

Titancon started as a Pub Moot in 2009. Initially focused on HBO’s Game of Thrones, it has grown and evolved over the last decade with the addition of literature programming, gaming, and  workshops, as well as an art show and dealer’s hall. It is now Belfast’s annual speculative fiction and media convention - run for fans by fans.

Titancon 2018 - Announcement 7th August 2018

It is with heavy hearts and our most sincere apologies that we announce that Titancon 2018 cannot take place as planned. As a committee we are deeply saddened and, although our hard work did not come to fruition as hoped, we know it is the right thing to do to cancel our planned convention. We are running a smaller TitanMoot, for everyone who would still like to come - the details of which are below - same dates, same venue, same team.

TitanCon 2017

TitanCon 2017. Photo taken by Jo Playford.

Speaking of the team... committees face many challenges, both personally and in their volunteer roles. Sadly, multiple bereavements and severe illnesses have hit many of us in successive waves this year. As friends, we supported each other through some very tough times but the convention was impacted. Unfortunately, these personal difficulties, in combination with discovering that our anticipated Game of Thrones guests were unavailable (due to contractual obligations) meant we could not reach our required membership numbers. As such it became increasingly clear that we could not deliver this year’s convention in the form we very much hoped and planned. Then a few days ago, when our remaining Guest of Honour had to withdraw due to unforeseeable circumstances, we knew the jalopy was completely banjaxed.

We are offering a full refund to everyone who had paid to attend TitanCon 2018, be they members, artists, dealers, workshop providers, or featured programme participants. We will be contacting everybody over the coming days to clarify that process.

Please email chair@titancon.com with your thoughts and questions. Understandably, we anticipate quite a few enquiries and we will get back to everyone as quickly as possible.

TitanMoot 2018

We are (Norn) Iron Born and, “That which is dead can never die! … It rises again, stronger and harder.”

- AKA - Operation Best Foot Forward! will take place in the same venue, The Wellington Park Hotel, on the same dates, 24th - 26th August, with our coach tour on Monday 27th August, 2018. We will be visiting various filming locations including the Riverun camp, Theon Greyjoy’s wild woodland hunt, the site of the direwolf pup’s discovery and the lair of the White Walkers. We are regrettably not able to offer an Art Show or Dealer’s Room at TitanMoot 2018, however we will be working with everyone attending to run a programme of events over the weekend, which we hope to include outings, workshops, panels, discussion groups, a book sale, our Karaoke and raffle.

TitanMoot 2018 will be free to all attendees, regardless of whether they were previously members of TitanCon 2018. However, we will be inviting donations from attendees and the wider TitanCon community to help us cover the cost of cancelling the official convention. More details will be provided soon on our membership page and via email to 2018 members and to those on our community mailing list.

So what next for Titancon 2019 - Eurocon 2019?

We are pleased to tell you that we already have over 260 memberships sold for Eurocon 2019 and have been beavering away in the background. We have our first Guest of Honour announced in the form of our Toastmutant, Pat Cadigan and Peadar Ó Guilín. We expect to open hotel bookings in September of this year, and look forward to announcing further Guest of Honour and Featured Programme Participant news very soon.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Titancon 2018 Committee