TitanCon 2020
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We hope to bring you a wide range of exciting evening entertainment to celebrate with us.

Irish Video Game Orchestra

Irish Video Game Orchestra

Irish Video Game Orchestra

The Irish Video Game Orchestra is Europe's first orchestra that performs the music from video games, television shows, and films exclusively.

Based in Belfast, the IVGO celebrates the artistry and geekdom that surrounds your favorite video game worlds. Music performed will include the scores from Super Mario Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Overwatch.

They will be performing on Friday evening from 8pm until 10pm, and this will be open to all members.

Build-a-Beard Competition

2016 Lovely Beard Winners

2016 Lovely Beard Winners Jon, Carol, Jackie and James
with Annette Hannah. Photo courtesy of Wendy Duly.

TitanCon has some strange traditions, not least of which is our Lovely Beard Contest. Since this is not only TitanCon, but also EuroCon, we are expecting a particularly spectacular and hirsute affair.

It's like Crufts - only for beards! We're interested in all breeds of beard, from fierce ginger purebreds, to scruffy mutts that make up in personality what they lack in pedigree.

Whether you are naturally bearded, or use a prosthetic, we do not discriminate.

If you need to prepare your beard at the convention, we welcome you to the Build-a-Beard Workshop.