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Other Events

This page is to advertise upcoming events at which some of the TitanCon committee or staff members will be at in the coming months.

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The Other Ones - regular Wednesday evening meet-up's

If you are in Belfast (or within driving distance of) the best way to find us is to come along to the regular Wednesday evening meet-up's of The Other Ones, a Belfast based science-fiction society. You can find us (almost) every Wednesday evening from 7.30 pm in Metro Bar, The Crescent, Belfast. The first Wednesday of the month is a gaming night in The Long Room (next door to Metro Bar and The Crescent Townhouse). We also organise regular cinema trips, quiz nights and other special events throughout the year, including of course TitanCon.

The Other Ones will be the noisy group in the back right corner of the bar and will be very happy to take your money and talk with you about anything SF/F related. Check The Other Ones website for details and updates about meet-up's and what's going on

London BWB meet-up's

Brotherhood Without Banners logo

The Brotherhood Without Banners (BWB), a George RR Martin fangroup, are loosely comprised of anyone that posts on the Westeros forum. Our main meet-up of the year is at Worldcon but you can find smaller meet-up's around the world which are organised on a bit of an ad-hoc basis by groups of friends and regulars. These meet-up's are advertised on the BWB section of the Westeros board.

The London BWB are one of the most active groups in the world and hold meet-up's every couple of months or so, sometimes more often than that depending on what's going on. Unfortunately you won't be able to buy your membership in cash at just any of these meet-up's, you'll need to be at one when committee co-chair theMountainGoat is also in attendance. You see I live in Basingstoke about an hour by train south-west of London so I can't make it to every meet up.

I will post updates on this page and make announcements on Twitter if I am going to be attending any BWB meets in London. I suspect we'll have two or three meet-up's while season two of Game of Thrones is on Sky Atlantic so stay tuned for more information.

Irish SF/F conventions

Being fans ourselves you'll find TitanCon committee members at other SF/F conventions throughout Ireland, both north and south of the border. We'll have more details on who is going to be at which convention and when as the year goes on so check back for regular updates or follow us on Twitter.